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DACC Global is proud of the contributions we have made to improving the energy infrastructure and quality of life for people across all continents. Through our network of partners, we have a presence in regions across the globe, providing a local point-of-contact and the kind of expertise that is essential to success.

N'genda Solar Pump
N'genda Solar Pump Solution:

N'genda, Kenya, the first African village to use DACC Global's solar solution, has seen numerous benefits in the first year following installation. The local health clinic, alone, has noted significantly decreased episodes of waterborne illness, a reduction of preventable diseases, and drastic cost-savings over previous, sub-standard water sources

Due to the availability of running water, sanitation standards in the health clinic have increased and the quality of general care has much improved.

DACC Global’s efforts in these areas were based upon our desire to contribute, by making the world a better place and solving some of those challenges

DACC Global Innovative Solar Pump
Innovative Solar Technology

DACC Global allocated considerable funds to research and development, in search of a self-sustaining, low-impact method of delivering drinking water to developing nations. DACC’s underground pumps were designed to withstand the harshest imaginable climates, including those native to Africa.

Foundational research also included hiring experts in hydrology to locate aquifers and perform ecological and geological surveys, specific to anticipated drill sites. Perhaps most importantly, the company employed the unchanging sun as an energy source, making it the solution’s backbone.

The resulting product, DACC Global’s Solar-Powered Water System, consists of a solar panel, underground pump, a purification unit and a holding tank, and boasts a collective projected longevity of approximately 20 years.

Other Solar Energy Projects:

Similar solutions could be implemented in countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, and South Sudan, where preliminary discussions are already underway.

In addition to Kenyan efforts, DACC is involved in the world’s largest solar energy project in Pakistan, producing 2,200 MW of clean, renewable solar energy, solar-powered water pumps for villages and schools, and solar-powered street lights for areas that have long gone without. Additionally, in cooperation with Guinea government agencies, DACC is producing a 1,000 MW energy project, as well as solar-powered water systems for rural health clinics.
  1. Pakistan Solar Energy project: Started in 2009, through this project DACC Global provided over 2,200 Mws of clean renewable solar energy into the grid on behalf of the Ministry of Water and Power, Government of Pakistan. With this project, DACC Global implemented the world’s largest solar energy project in the world. The project is expected to be generating power in early 2012.
  2. Water pumps and solar power generation for the Republic of Guinea.
  3. Mexico Solar Power generation : 1,000 Mws




DACC Global provides the latest technology in alternative energy, combined with the resources and expertise of the DACC global network.


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